Tuesday, March 30, 2010

here goes nothing. here it comes again.

random thoughts from the past week or so.
*people run funny. i'm guessing, if i could see myself run, i'd probably be a funny runner as well.
*i'm still surprised when a doctor is nice to me or other nurses.
*i'm an 80 year old woman. i'm always cold. i eat incredibly slowly. and i can't find my remote.
*saved by the bell comes on in the mornings. it's a nice welcome home.
*the people on the early morning shows are kind of douchebags.
*march was a really quick and really great month. i'm sad to see it go.
*i slacked off on my read-one-book-a-month resolution. maybe i should change the resolution to one-book-every-two-months.
*funny note i read this week a doctor wrote about one of my patients - "patient is asymptomatic, alert, oriented and bored."
*i walked around for most of the night/early morning last week with the word "sputum" on my hand as some sort of reminder regarding one of my patients.
*i never know when to give up. this time around, though, it's pretty clear there's no other choice. this is a good thing, by the way.
*supposedly, there are ghosts in the hospital. i'll keep an eye out. it does get a little creepy around there at night. good thing i have abe by my side.
*texts and emails make me incredibly happy. seriously. they make my day.
*margaritas are forever spoiled for me now. such a shame, too.
*it's nice now having a car that has electric windows and locks, an ipod hook-up, and the radio/cd control thingy (yes, thingy) on the steering wheel. and, even though it takes me 10 minutes to figure out how to unlock the door, i love it.
*i love t-shirts and flip-flops and being able to wear them whenever i want to now.
*it's bothering me how fast time is going by lately. but i guess that means life is good, right? and it really is.
*i love the thunderstorms we've had lately. especially at night.
*i can barely keep my eyes open (it's about 9 in the morning on wednesday), so i'll end this entry now.

commandment: be here now.


  1. I just ordered you a T shirt to wear under your scrubs, or whatever you choose to wear when working,... it reads:

    "Abe Kicks Ghostly Ass... Which is a Feat, really."

  2. No more margaritas??? Boo!!! how bout no more Texas Margaritas? but regular margaritas r still ok as long as you dont have more than 2. u remember, "Aw hell naw, hell naw, we aint goin in there. there's throw up all over the floor." ha ha ha

  3. haha. funny! regular ones might be okay. i guess it's just texas-related things that are trouble ;)


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