Sunday, April 28, 2013

joy ahead.

I have always wanted to do mission work.  In a little over a month, I will get the chance to travel to Nicaragua on a mission trip with my friend, Casey.  Early on, Casey and I agreed that this wasn't just an ordinary trip; it was an opportunity to serve others and spread the word.  Knowing that, we decided we had to start preparing and taking the steps necessary to get us ready for Nicaragua. 

We've started discussing and journaling Bible verses we would like to have memorized, verses we'd like to share throughout the villages, and verses we plan to use to back-up our testimonies.  We've started considering our own testimonies and how we can best share our growth in our relationships with God.  We've started planning out what we'd like to say about Jesus, his birth, his life, his death and his resurrection.    And, most importantly, we've been praying together for guidance and to be his hands and feet.  

Casey and I both agree - it feels as if something big is going to happen in Nicaragua.  It's just a feeling we both have, and I hope it's right.  What I do know for sure is this - we have the chance to serve others through Jesus and I cannot wait to get started.  

I'll be blogging about our journey before we leave, as we continue to prepare, and once we get back.  I hope you'll follow and learn something alongside us.

Be truly glad.  There is wonderful joy ahead.  1 Peter 1:6 

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