Tuesday, March 9, 2010

i find that even time well spent gets bent if you need it to.

-i'm wondering why people feel the need to talk so loudly. that sounds awful, i know. but, seriously, i'm right here.
-i'm thinking i've been smiling a lot lately.
-i'm thinking it's funny that i watched a video at work today called "what you need to know about incontinence." you'd be amazed what all there is to learn. yes, i'm being a smartass.
-i'm wondering what the john mayer concert will be like next week. can't wait to get a new concert t-shirt. ha.
-i'm thinking it'd be a good idea to have a john mayer concert punch card. after your fifth mayer concert, you get to go to the sixth one free. okay, i admit. i stole this idea.
-i'm wondering where my glasses are. seriously.
-i'm wondering how the 5K will go on saturday. especially considering the girls and i haven't been running lately. does walking on a treadmill quickly and on an incline count? i'll let you know.
-i'm thinking i can't wait to go to night shift. this getting up at five in the morning thing just doesn't quite get it.
-i'm thinking i just passed lance armstrong on his bike on my way home.
-i'm wondering when 90210 comes back on. nothing like the original but, still, a guilty pleasure.
-i'm thinking it's funny that this old man got all up in my grill today (ha. yes, said it) and said, "kim? kim, is that you?" no, old man. it's not kim.
-i'm still wondering where my glasses are. not in the pocketbook or car or my room. now, i'm thinking how driving will be a challenge.
-i'm thinking about my new car and how sad it will be to give up the green machine.
-i'm wondering who all will laugh when they read i'm sad to say good-bye to my old car.
-i'm thinking i'd never drink water if crystal light didn't exist.
-i'm thinking it's time to get a tattoo. but i feel the need to have a "partner in crime" when it comes to tattoo-getting.
-i'm wondering if the five pounds i've gained in the last few weeks is muscle-related or snack-induced. ha.
-i'm wondering why i just shared that bit of information.
-i'm thinking i had the best nap of my life yesterday. in the tanning bed. for twelve minutes.
-i'm thinking it's a bad idea to tell people you hate certain words.
-i'm thinking it's time to wrap this silly entry up.

commandment: edit less.


  1. WOOOAAAH!!! "all up in my grill???" young lady where did u learn to talk like that? you oughta b ashamed of yourself. I bet its that hot dang fifteen cent feller aint it? and the john mayer punch card... whoever came up wit that idea must b a genius. that's a great idea... probably the only kind of ideas that person has.

  2. i've always been gangsta. i just keep it on the d/l. haha. but, yep, "fifteen cent" has a lot to do with it.

    i know-the punch card idea is brilliant. i wish i could come up with ideas like that. if only.

  3. hhaha this post is awesome!!did you ever find your glasses?

  4. kathy, i just saw this comment. haha. and, yep, i did find 'em!


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