Wednesday, March 28, 2012

step one.

this blog has been a lot of things to me over the last few years but mostly, it has been a way to write through it. now, though, i would like to do something different with this blog of mine. a while back, i wrote about different commandments i was trying out in life, thanks to inspiration from gretchen rubin's blog, "the happiness project" ( at the time, i had only read her blog entries and learned of her happiness project and the measures she took to find and create more happiness in her life. now, a couple years later, i am reading her book, also called "the happiness project," which details her year-long journey toward increased happiness. she was not unhappy to begin with, and neither am i. this project has more to do with better utilizing your happiness and taking that extra step. a couple years ago, when i came across rubin's blog, i made a list of my own commandments and wrote about them in my own blog. this list included the following:
be here now
get up and dance
write more, think less
kindness first
listen to myself
call it a lesson learned
leave the lights on
dance in the rain
let it roll
get back to basics
edit less
surround myself
now that i have gotten into rubin's book, i am once again inspired to create a new list and begin writing about these new commandments. and i think, as she does in her book, i will tackle one new "subject" each month for the next year. again, this is not, "i'm unhappy, let me try and fix that." it is, however, "i'm very happy in my life, let me try and extend that." i think i will start with the topic of healthier living. new entry, april 1st.

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