Tuesday, July 6, 2010

i can't remember all the times i tried to tell myself to hold on to these moments as they pass.

in a little over a month, i'll be turning 26 (eek). my 25th year was amazing and so full, and i thought i'd share some of it with you all. start at the bottom and work your way up.

the end :)

torch run in june.

ellen and may.

silliness all around.
pottery in may with the moms :)

great times with great friends.

all smiles.

my friends are so gangster.
the chicas.

more pottery. april painting.

the "after-party" (haha).

walks are so much better than runs.

walk, silly!


march of dimes walk in april with al, megan and mel.

pretty car.

blue, of course.

and yay for my first new car.

yay (again) for new friends (and old friends, of course).

holly and jess. and a sammich.
jess, me and megan.

i love painting. seriously.

more pottery in april. a new monthly tradition.

running and i have had a love/hate relationship this past year.

don't mess with us.

the shamrock run in march.
the silly boys. yay for new friends.

february snow. i love my snow.

at pottery in january.
merry christmas!

we're not right. but we have fun.
our christmas (in january).

melmay :)

since diapers ;)

our first 5K together!

my sisters.

gangster jess, ready for the jingle bell run.

my favorite time (and night) of the year.

christmas eve with the family.

seriously. i've laughed all year long.

custard chief! (haha).

busy in the kitchen!

christmas baking and cooking.

thanksgiving at the grandparent's.

memory walk september 2009 for the alzheimer's association.


bruder and me on the beach.

the night of the doughnut hats. so silly always.

buckets up!

myrtle beach with the family.

peace and happy birthday!
i have literally laughed all year and i love it.

the sillies.

my 25th surprise birthday party. the amazing year begins with family and friends.

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