Tuesday, November 8, 2011

it's never just.

the memories that find you when everything falls still. remembering, quiet thinking, filling spaces in between. when the world outside slows down for a moment. an all-the-sudden hush covering the otherwise-hectic autumn days. catch your breath. in the reflection, the looking back, the peeking forward, finding familiar smiles and laughter, and oftentimes songs, that seem to get lost within the ever-moving shuffle. lost but never gone, never far, from us. and it's never just...there is meaning within the moments and the thoughts that stick with you, that appear and reappear on their own. the smile that sneaks across your face, the laughter that brings about relief, the songs that reach a place within and play again and again in your mind. there is meaning within the moments.

it's never just a song in your head.

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