Thursday, March 25, 2010

anytime it rains, she just feels a lot better.

[i wrote this on a break at work.. at 3 or 4 in the morning.. so, hopefully, it makes some sense..]

and as you feel it moving in
wait until it's there; begin
i'd give you all the in between
all the time and space there needs to be
if you could find me in my out of place
i'd turn around to greet you face
here, you'll see me, new and mattered
overlooking the space where rain once gathered
there, he missed it, grounded feet
as i let it clam the best of me
i watched as effort failed to impress
and tired eyes filled with regret
but the time and space have left anew
my ever-changing heart renewed
and on my own two feet i now stand
without a need for your holding hand
watch; i'll greet you with a smile on my face
as i, with purpose, forget to remember that place
and start over in my heart and mind
repairing all you left behind


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