Monday, March 8, 2010

i know there are spring violets under the snow.

i welcomed january's falling snow
as it covered the lonely and the bare
and watched as winter's white took over
without you standing there

i've bet on daisies and tulips blooming
as petals dance across a renewing face
and i'll watch as spring's pink erases
and remembrance takes your place

i'll wait for fireflies and fireworks sparkling
as each evening gracefully stretches time
and watch as summer's sun replaces
all that you have left behind

i'll greet the breath that september exhales
as feet tiptoe over abandoned leaves
and watch as fall's warmth reassures
now without him but with new certainty


  1. woah J-Dub are those the lyrics to your new gangsta rap song? im def gonna get dat and erry shizz. fo sho na mean...

  2. haha. how did you know?? i think i'll call it "skrate up." it's like that old paula abdul song, "straight up." only much more gangsta.

  3. annnd.. thank you, michael :)

  4. woah lil gangsta... take it down a bit. pretty soon you'll b doin rap videos wit fitty cent. skrate up yo!

  5. can't do it. i'm gangsta. get used to it, playa. haha, i think i need some more sleep.


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