Thursday, May 30, 2013


It's been a busy month, planning and preparing for Nicaragua.
Casey and I have been practicing our Spanish. And, although we remembered more than we thought we would, we still have a ways to go. We've learned there will be translators in Nicaragua who will be with us every step of the way. But Casey and I still wanted to brush up on our Spanish.
Thankfully, I had my brother to turn to, to ask about Spanish words and verbs and phrases that would come in handy out in the villages. Because of his hard work, and his many conjugations, I was then able to create a stack o' index cards, Spanish words on one side, English on the other. And the Espanol practice began! 
We also ordered 4iana (For I Am Not Ashamed) bands (see below) to help tell others about Jesus in five simple steps. The bands came with small foldable pamphlets that go into more detail about salvation, in English and Spanish. Casey and I have bands of our own to wear and plan to give them out to the people of Nicaragua as we share God's word.
I have trusted in Your mercy. My heart shall rejoice in Your salvation. Psalm 13:5

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