Sunday, March 14, 2010

my memory is cruel. i'm queen of attention to detail.

i left you there
at the most hazy of hours
when there was no time to say good-bye
(when you can't stand it. feet first)
i lost you there
at the most unexpected of phases
when there was no air left to respire
(when you can't forget it. mind first)
i feel you there
in the most stripped down of moments
when there is no chance to hide
(when you can't deny it. soul first)
i find you there
in the most inconvenient of spaces
where there is no room to cry
(when you can't evade it. heart first)
(now) i keep you there
in the most bittersweet of memories
where there is no escape; there are no ties
(when you can't erase it. head first)

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