Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the skyline, baby, is bright tonight.

go on
listening to the night
as if there is no other way
as if there is no other place
to find your missing pieces
it was a beautiful night
for discovery
it was a long drive
no background noise
just the moon and me
and the rain that made it all feel better
as the restless thoughts collided
the midnight shadows rushed by outside
making sense of the remains
those just found for the new in me
those left behind from (what seems like) another lifetime
and into the next day
the night did fade
just as the memories of yesterday
drive farther into it
into the darkest of skies
now to find your faith renewed
in the most muted of hours
where once your hands were tied
your mind wandering
your eyes straining through the darkness
now, it has all changed (a light recovered)
now, you find it there (a life restored)
your own kind of piece in the after-midnight
as the wheel takes over
and guides you where your heart should be
at this very moment
in this very time
where there is only silence
and the thoughts that no longer collide
there are pieces here you'll never understand
i've left them sheltered in my heart
but within the night
there, you will find it
there, you will find me
going on driving
just listening to the night

commandment: be here now.


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