Thursday, January 6, 2011

why won't you run in the rain and play?

so, the treadmill and i had a good evening together wednesday night. i love walking and listening to music. i think i could do it all day long. running, however, is taking some getting used to. i have a bad habit of keeping my eyes on the treadmill display.. watching as i get closer to a mile and two miles.. watching as the timer ticks down.

last night, though, i tried to keep my head up instead.. watching the eight different tvs in front of me and the few people in the gym. the running seemed to go faster, and i was able to get back to what i love.. walking.. in no time. instead of letting the challenge of running get the best of me, and the treadmill display that likes to taunt me, i chose to "grin and bear it" (okay, i wasn't exactly smiling but still).

today, tonight in particular, i chose to do the same. different situation, same lesson in mind. not letting a certain challenge get the best of me.

the lesson? look up.

["our hearts are strong..]

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