Friday, January 7, 2011

on the way, so it seems. blooming flowers waltz before me.

i was standing in line at the bookstore today, getting ready to buy a couple books for the semester, and finding it a little hard to believe i'm going back to school. i had already been through school for nursing and had gotten comfortable with being a nurse. something needed to change, though, and the idea of teaching came to mind. sure, i've had thoughts like.. what am i doing?, and can i do this again? but, mostly, the thoughts that cross my mind go something like this.. i'm excited for grad school, for more school, and i'm excited to try something new.

there are several albums on my ipod i hardly even listened to. i downloaded them because different friends suggested doing so, but a lot of the time, i chose to stick with the bands and the songs i've known for years. last year seemed to be a year for finding and getting into new music.. more so than any other year before. that new music became the music i started listening to just as often as my classics. but, still, i left a few songs unlistened to. today, though, on the way to the bookstore, i began listening to atreyu, a band i kept putting off, with thoughts of the relay marathon in april in mind. my thinking? they are perfect for running to, perfect for making you want to run fast. all i had to do was give it a try.. another something new.

so, the lesson for january 7th is this.. jump in.

["leap and the net will appear.."]

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