Sunday, January 9, 2011

find out what you are, face to face.

so, i'm sitting here looking at the information for one of my online courses, trying to get an idea of what i've gotten myself into. being out of school for a little over three years made me wonder how i'd feel about going back, and how it would all go. i mean, i'm so old now (just kidding). but, as i look through the course orientation and the assignments and the syllabus, i almost feel like i've been in school all along, without any break in between. weird. was not expecting that. and, yes, i'm kind of a nerd for filling out my planner and checking things off my to-do list. i enjoy that kind of stuff. and, now, with classes officially starting tomorrow, i'm even more excited for what's ahead.

the lesson today? fly your nerd flag.

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