Monday, January 3, 2011

but this time not for you just for me.

today's lesson is going to take some time to get used, i think.

sometimes, sticking to what you want and believe means you've got to let go of whatever it is that is trying to pull you in the other direction.

i've found, the more i do what i truly want, the more i stick to the real me, the happier i am. for a while, i thought, if i did what others wanted, and they were happy, i'd be happy myself. it worked, too, but only for so long. nowadays, i'm no longer scared to speak up, to speak for myself. it's interesting to me, though, to see what happens and who sticks around when i listen to me instead.

["i used to think someday i'd relax a little and be more like you. then, i realized how silly that thought was. i needed to stand in my own shoes."]

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