Tuesday, January 4, 2011

not far, but near, i stood and saw it all.

my friend melissa and i were standing outside the gym tonight after our work-out, enjoying another round of parking lot girl chat. for whatever reason, we seem to have the best conversations, and end up giving and getting the best advice, in the parking lot at the gym.. even if it's freezing and i can't feel my face afterward.

i was telling mel my plans for the night, which included staying in and making a chicken pasta dish for dinner. as we said goodnight, she yelled, "enjoy your noodles!," and after i had stopped laughing, i got to thinking about the phrase itself.

i'm a homebody who enjoys staying in and watching reality tv, having laughter-filled dinners with my family and friends and sharing in the silliest, but also the most heartfelt, conversations with them. it's those simple things in life (that are anything but simple), just like a big plate of pasta after a trip to the gym, that i love the most.

so, today's lesson is this - enjoy your noodles.

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