Thursday, January 13, 2011

i see a tiny light, like a flashbulb sparkle in the night.

short and sweet.

so, i love my carbs. always have. pasta, rolls, chips. you name it. it didn't hit me until tonight, as i enjoyed my ginormous bowl of frosted flakes, that all this running i've been doing lately helps justify my carb obsession.

today's lesson: there's always a plus.


  1. i love carbs too... only i make myself eat protein instead... cause carbs = bad news for me! (mood swings, blood sugar rollercoaster which equals cravings which equals more and more eating of carbs which keeps the whole process going... and then i'm too tired to workout and i fall asleep and get fat. the end.) =)

  2. oh yeah... i do eat carbs though... just not by themself usually and not a whole lot =)


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