Tuesday, January 11, 2011

this morning, there's a calm i can't explain.

a note to myself (and a lesson i'm still learning): if something doesn’t feel right, trust your gut. i believe it’s important to give everyone and everything a chance (or two or three..), but keep your instincts in mind. more often than not, they are right after all.

i wrote the following a while back, and something about this entry made me think of it..

On one of my favorite television shows, the main character finds herself in love (or what she thought was love) and moves away to Paris with her new special someone who is working in the city for months at a time. She leaves New York, her friends, her family and the only life she has ever known. In some ways throughout the television series, this character becomes synonymous with the Big Apple, and her leaving the city, and those there, seems altogether unnatural.

She arrives in Paris excited and overtaken by the city and its beauty at first. Her boyfriend, however, is busy working (too busy working) and wrapped up in only that which he has going on. Each day, she finds herself lonelier than the day before, walking the streets of Paris alone, thinking of her home and those who are there - secretly thinking, secretly knowing, New York is where she is meant to be.

Back home, her friends and family think of her as well, hoping any day that she will return to them and her life in New York. Soon, these same friends find out they are not the only ones missing her and wishing she would come back home. The character’s lost love soon confesses to her friends how much he too wants her back in his life.

“Go get our girl,” says one of the girlfriends after his heartfelt confession. And, just like that, he is off to Paris.

He finds her in the hotel lobby, after she and her boyfriend have had an argument, as she is trying to find a room for herself and for herself alone. As soon as their eyes meet, she is overcome with tears.

“Paris is a mess,” she cries to him. “I never should’ve come here.”

today's lesson: stick to new york.

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