Sunday, May 16, 2010

you got a piece of me, but it's just a little piece of me.

i was only barely breathing
for a moment passing by
but the endless days gone scattered
mattered nothing when i thought to ask why

there were nights when eyes saw nothing else
when the signs of forever still teased your heart
expecting more than something to remember
waiting for time to play its healing part

trapped inside a memory's holding
feeling this had taken all that was mine
looking back, now knowing
they were only moments, not a lifetime

slowly learning the difference
as i walk on with lessons on my mind
it was a piece of me, not all of me
that purposefully got left behind


  1. this is a wicked cool poem...sometimes we have to intentionally choose to leave behind those things that would keep us luggage left laying on the side of the highway...

  2. Hi. Thank you for your message :)
    You have a great collection of pictures here..
    so inspiring.

  3. thank you, brian :) i really appreciate that comment. and you're exactly right about the things we choose to leave behind..

    and thank you too, "blinks"! love your pictures!

  4. you are on the right track learning about life,
    perfect poem,
    awesome emotional rides...

    Happy Wednesday!


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