Tuesday, May 11, 2010

anytime it rains, she just feels a lot better.

paint it all a shade of grey
and there she'll happily stay
within the darkest of the night
see her there shinning bright
but she's all right
she'll be all right
as long as you turn off the light

and days that are found covered in rain
are what keep her this very way
finding peace within the downpours
only left her open heart wanting more
collecting raindrops within her hands
as she, on her own feet, begins to stand

she's one for counting clouds gone by
see her eyes kept on the sky?
waiting for the rain to fall
stand and watch; she'll watch it all
welcoming storms as they scatter
shinning light on all that now matters

commandment: dance in the rain (the first time this commandment has come up; now, i have written about all 13 of my commandments).

(my 50th entry. crazy. another slow night at the hospital equals a random poem for all of you to read).


  1. thats purrty gangshterrr. i had no idea u could flow like that. i thought i was reading lyrics to a snoop dog song...

  2. snoop dog is my inspiration.

  3. nicely done...happen to be sitting in the hospital right now...that is why i am up at such an insane hour...

    life the flow...and definitely the commandment...love to dance in the rain...

  4. thank ya, brian. i appreciate that. hope everything is okay...


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