Tuesday, May 25, 2010

not far, but near, i stood and saw it all.

naive by nature, full of second chances and unquestioning trust
gentle hands that forever fiddle in silence with their best intentions
and eyes and ears that both listen with focused consideration
i'm happy to have inherited these things from you
sharing secrets as our feet splashed through the summer seas
stories of your childhood, your wedding day and the years you kept inside
stories only known to you and me
as your mind misplaces memories, i'll keep them secure in mine
the simplest of things that make your eyes light up in wonder -
i see them in a different way myself now, with new-found appreciation
you've taught me how to slow down, to look around
i learned that from watching you as you take it all in, piece by piece
i see the love between you and him, fifty years in the making
and the way you still look at each other, smile at one another
it makes me wish for something so sincere, something so lasting
i've watched as your hands have taken care, have taken hold
i've watched as your eyes watch over, full of thought and sincerity
without a negative thought in mind, you forever smile
i've known you for twenty-five years
from the times when you would rock me to sleep
to the times lately when we sit and talk and laugh, when we share
and i'm happy to be able to call you my friend, my grandmaw

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