Thursday, May 6, 2010

it's nice today. the wait was so worth it.

thursday reflections. a new idea i had. sharing 10 thoughts of the week.
1. one idea i had lately - take more pictures. okay, so, i've always taken lots of pictures, but mostly of family and friends. this is different. here's a picture i took downtown wednesday afternoon. there's something about it that i just liked, especially the colors.

2. i can't figure out why there is no fourth floor in the hospital; the "4" button on the elevator doesn't exist.

3. i came across this picture online this week and loved it (as well as the quote). if you can't see it, it says, "sometimes someone says something so small and it just fits right into this empty place in your heart."

4. i think it's funny, and a little pathetic, that the first and only time i've ever been hit in my life involved a blow to the head this week by my 86-year old patient.

5. i found this - - this week. neat site.

6. mark my word, in the next couple months, i will have a tattoo.

7. the following are finds of the week (for a bedroom in progress).

8. i get really excited about finding new music and bands. i heard this band called grace potter and the nocturnals on ellen the other day for the first time. good stuff. go to you tube and look up their newest single, "tiny light" (i can't get a link to work here).

9. today is national nurses day. national nurses week runs today through the 12th, so find your favorite nurse and give her a hug.

10. great news? conan o'brien will be back on tv in the fall. a late-night show on tbs. so excited.

commandment: share from your heart.


  1. i love this.
    thank you for sharing.

  2. nice. have you picked out your tat? love the pic of the rail cars...and the one about fitting in the that one a lot. hope you have a great weekend!


    Family first Award,
    Happy mother's Day to moms in your family!

  4. thanks, brian! the tattoo will be some kind of quote/lyric, i know that. and thank you for your comment! *whispers "become a follower"* haha. have a good one!

    thank you, "jingle"! hope you have a great weekend as well :)


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