Thursday, May 13, 2010

half of my heart has got a real good imagination.

thursday reflections. sharing 10 thoughts of the week.

1. it has been a cloudy, rainy week and i love it. even had a little thunder and lightning.

2. this is a picture i found online a few days ago. i like the sparkle. shine.

3. i love teacups and bowls. i have these teacups (from pier 1) and bowls (from crate and barrel). i imagine an entire kitchen filled with beautiful things like this (one day).

4. the dennis quaid "skits" on ellen always make me laugh. find the newest one on you tube (dennis quaid + ellen + 2010). "i'm gonna skip home like a pretty pony.."

5. my fifth thought? your entries will be missed, michael. beautiful, moving writing, and i hope one day we'll get to hear more.

6. i came across a very creative blog this week. turns out, the writer paints and sells jewelry. i'm a sucker for a statement ring and ordered this one from her site.

7. goldfish crackers and the gilmore girls. becoming a part of my everyday afternoon.

8. music this week? i've mostly been listening to grace potter and the nocturnals (the band i found last week). also, fall out boy and taylor swift. namely "a little less sixteen candles.." and "breathe." pretty diverse collection o' music. rainy weeks like this also lend themselves to the counting crows.

9. i'm seriously considering buying a polaroid camera. i've been inspired by the following (notice the new title picture for the blog) and by pictures from i love finding beautiful pictures. i love finding beautiful quotes. they, like the counting crows and rainy afternoons, are even better together.


  1. Wow! thank you SO much for buying from me! though I must say sorry (seriously) for just sending it now. I've been so busy with school (not an excuse!) but I hope you understand and sent along a mini goodie with it! thank you so much!!!

  2. Hey Jen can u get me a ring with a hand making the letter "W"

  3. haha. sure. then, would you slap people with the ring instead of your hand?

  4. and you're welcome, richelle! can't wait to get it!

  5. i'd just turn my ring facing my palm so then my victims will have a big W and a little w on their faces. i'm glad i'm a genius...

  6. haha. another great idea. you should write them all down from now on. ferr sherr.


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