Wednesday, April 28, 2010

one way or another, i'm just hoping to find a way to put my feet out in the world.

all because i am a nurse..

i am a waitress, refilling drinks and delivering bedtime snacks; a babysitter, watching over those who wander and feeding those who can't do it themselves; a teacher, passing on what i know to accepting ears; a caretaker, wiping noses and behinds, rubbing backs and holding hands, tucking patients in at night. i get coughed on and pulled on. i see and hear and touch and step in things i won't mention here. i get offended when people ask, "why don't you become a doctor?" (because i am a nurse and love being one). i watch minds get weary as the body and time take over. i get excited by things like good blood sugars and easy admissions and doctors who are polite on the phone. i feel a genuine sense of happiness in my heart when i see the subtle signs of someone improving. i love dressing changes and wound care (don't ask me why). i've seen first breaths and last breaths and surgeries and procedures that fascinate me. i remember names and faces and stories shared. i enjoy listening to each patient's story and giving them the time to get it all out. i get attached easily and quickly and go home with the night and morning behind me still fresh in my mind. i am a new friend, someone patients seem eager to tell and show any and everything to. i am a double- and (sometimes) triple-checker. i feel fortunate to be in the position i am and love every part of it; i feel fortunate to be able to take care with a smile on my face and compassion in my heart.

commandment: kindness first.


  1. its really cool that you like what you do...even with the challenges of the position. dont let people push you to step out of that role if it is where you fit best. too many people get caught up in moving up the ladder until they lose what they love...kindness first is a great way to live...


    Happy May Awards.


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