Wednesday, September 16, 2009

let it shine until you feel it all around you.

i was trying to think of what the whole point to this blogging thing could be. in the movie "julie and julia," julie spends 365 days cooking her way through julia child's cookbook while blogging about each recipe and the life-lessons learned from her experiment. in a blog i recently came across online, "the happiness project," writer gretchen rubin blogs about the year she spent testing theories on how to become happier.

so, what would the main idea be for my blog?

in "the happiness project," rubin blogs about learning how to live a happier life. how to make a bad day good. how to make yourself happy by making other people happy (and doing good deeds). and how simple, everyday actions (such as smiling at everyone you see and pass by) can lead to your everyday happiness. in this blog, rubin also lists and writes about her twelve personal commandments - twelve "rules" she created that she tries to follow and live out in order to be happier. some of those commandments include - "be gretchen," "let it go," "lighten up." it got me thinking about what my commandments would be in my own life, and i've listed below the ideas i've come up with so far.

the plan now? well, now that i have my own commandments in mind, i've decided to write about each of them separately in this blog. i know i'll probably think of more along the way, and the commandment titles might change, but it's a good start (i think). so, here goes. my twelve personal commandments (in no particular order).

be here now.
get up and dance.
write more; think less.
kindness first.
listen to myself.
call it a lesson learned.
leave the lights on.
dance in the rain.
let it roll.
get back to basics.
edit less.
surround myself.

don't take all of these literally. you'll see what i mean as i get more into this blog and write about each one. i have no idea if anyone is even reading this, so if you ever do read my blog, leave a comment (if you don't mind). thanks :) and stay tuned..

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  1. I'm reading! I look forward to reading more about each of your commandments! Thanks for sharing and risking by opening up for all the world to see. <3


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