Wednesday, September 23, 2009

get right to the heart of matters. it's the heart that matters more.

commandment: listen to myself.

"remember, your intuition is never wrong, although your interpretation of it may be incorrect. when your intuition calls to you, trust it. practice makes perfect when it comes to using your intuition effectively."

thanks to my ever-present over-thinking, i tend to doubt my instinct and have trouble feeling confident about one decision or another. i go back and forth about whatever it may be over and over again and sometimes fail to really listen to myself. more often than not, it's my head doing all the work when, all along, i should be listening to my heart a little more. did you know that the same neurological tissue that is found in the brain is also found in the heart? (little lesson for you there) so, the heart is kind of a second brain and, in turn, a reliable source when it comes to decision-making.

it takes practice, though, just as the quote says. you've got to be able to trust that "inner voice," and the more you put it to use, the more you start to see how often that voice is right.

those times when i've really listened to myself and, at the same time, followed my heart, i've found i'm happier and happier in my decision. if i just go with it, so to say. that's not to say i still don't put in my hours of over-thinking (i have yet to find a way around that). but at the end of all the thinking, if i go to my heart, listen there and follow it, it's almost always a sure bet.

so, why is it so hard to go with you gut? my guess is that it would almost seem careless to not think first. when you use your head and think things through, you feel as if you're then able to make an informed, thoughtful decision. plus, if you're truly following your heart and it doesn't work out as planned, there's always a chance you could get hurt.

but, chances are, that gut feeling has been there all along - from the very beginning. and no amount of debate, no amount of thinking, can override it. it's always there. i just tend to realize it a little too late, when i'm looking back on a situation and thinking to myself (always thinking to myself), "if only i'd just listened to myself." it takes being honest with yourself, though, trusting in yourself and your heart and getting to know that gut feeling of yours a little better.

this commandment, just like many of the others, is going to take some work, i'll admit. maybe i should set a goal - listen to myself and my heart, and only myself and my heart for one week and see, at the end of that week, if it's made any sort of difference. hm. can i do it? seems like a good time to do it. i'll try it and, for once, let you know what my heart says instead of my head.

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