Wednesday, April 20, 2011

get right to the heart of matters.

You find me on the drive back home
In simple, quiet songs that usher in remembering
You’ve become the catch in my throat
And the deep breath it takes to release it
You’re the tears that fall unexpectedly
That fall until they’ve had enough
The clouds aren’t clouds any longer
They’re reminders that you’re now overhead
Looking down and watching over
And in these ways, you feel within reach
Some days, it’s comforting just to know you’re there
Other days, it seems it’s just not quite enough
I’ve begun to learn the past year by heart
And the memories it held
I’m holding onto your laugh as best I can
Looking back, I find myself often thinking, “this time last year…”
Memories I thought we’d keep adding to, creating
Instead, they’re all I have left of you
I never thought that’s all I would have left
Never thought I’d have to remember you in these ways
And so it appears today is one of those other days
When I’m thankful for the memories
But I’m wishing for so much more

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