Friday, April 1, 2011

creep on in. and once it has begun, it won't stop until it's done.

it hit me funny tonight, friend.


another friend encouraged me to write.. to write in my book.. something i haven't done for a good while now. and so i did. i wrote about you, going back over the past month and missing you so much it hurts.


it's hard because i can't fix it. it's not like a disagreement with someone, when you can call them and try to make things right. it's not like we've just not spoken for the past month, and i can email you to catch up. it's not like it used to be, when i would run into you at the gym and we would talk and laugh.


it was never a thought that you wouldn't be here. i just got used to having you in my life, in one way on another, especially after all the time we spent together last year. it's hard to believe someone who was, and always will be, such a big part of my life isn't here any longer. i don't get it.


i want my friend back, plain and simple.

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