Sunday, December 12, 2010

something in the way that blue lights on a black night can make you feel more.

well, it has been a while since my last entry, so i guess i have some catching up to do.

a look back at the last six weeks, and the firsts of weeks 12 through 17.

week 12.. my first time making a cheesy, beefy skillet dinner.

week 13.. subbing for the first time at my dad's school in seventh grade. i was a little nervous about sub-age in middle school. but, as it turns out, those "big kids" aren't so scary, and i've really been enjoying it. also, conan premiered this week :)

week 14.. the first? a new macaroni and cheese recipe that seems to be a big hit. it's full of butter, sour cream and five different cheeses. perfect for this time of year.

week 15.. while celebrating mom and dad's birthdays with mom, dad and my brother, i had my first dumpling and first fried banana dessert. both very.. interesting. then, my first hard cider, which was a tasty seasonal treat.

week 16.. subbing for the first time in elementary school. two-digit addition, spelling words, math bingo. it was a fun couple days. yes, second graders can be a little whack, but honestly, they aren't much different than seventh graders. the only difference? second graders make you very sweet christmas cards.

week 17.. my goal? run three times this week, a mile each time. i did it, and i noticed something.. my hate of running seems to be fading (finally). my other goal this particular week? write a little in the "book" every day. i did that as well. i find, the more i write, the easier it gets and the more i have to write. i'm planning to continue these goals in the weeks to come.

["i was doing something i had never done before. and what will i be able to do tomorrow that i cannot yet do today?" - eat, pray, love]

and here we are, at the beginning of week 18. the christmas tree is up and decorated (i love writing by the christmas tree).. the jets are made.. and my family and i have started watching our favorite christmas and holiday movies ("the family stone," "love actually" and "rent"). "elf," "the preacher's wife," "christmas vacation," "the holiday," and "the santa claus" still to come.

though this time of year has always been special and has always just felt like christmas, this is the first year that it has really felt like christmas again in a couple years. it's a very good feeling, and i have my family, friends and faith to thank for it.

["we should live in this time now and have every minute of it" - a moveable feast]


  1. i have been meaning to see that movie "love actually" heard it was good! i think i may even watch it tonight :)

  2. one of my all-time favorites :)

  3. Will you post the pictures poem about the rain on my comment area? It really made me smile. You have great stuff on your blog..I am still learning. Any tips on places to get such wonderful things to post? Thank you for following my JUST JOURNEY blog. Get your friends to follow us...

  4. I am a teacher too! Subbing can be hard but it got me a full time job which I love.
    You should post the mac and cheese recipe! It sounds great. I have been looking for a new recipe for mac and cheese. yum. Good Luck with everything! It sounds like you keep busy and have fun.


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