Tuesday, November 2, 2010

give a little heart and soul.

weeks 10 and 11 of my 26th year and their firsts.

my first time trying hummus.

my first banana margarita.

my first time carving a pumpkin with bo.
(even with the dance breaks,
random high-fiving and
all-around goofiness, we managed to
carve a punk'n)

and my first time starting a favorite songs of the year list. i have 78 songs so far. i would like to have 100 by the end of the year. here are 50 i came up with, in no particular order at all.

1. "meet you there" by augustana. i was introduced to this band this year at a counting crows concert with my bruder in july. my favorite new band of the year.

2. "from yesterday" by 30 seconds to mars. also another new favorite band this year.

3. "give a little" by hanson. so catchy. you can't help but dance to it. in fact, i'm declaring it the catchiest song of 2010. "give a little heart and soul."

4. "half of my heart" by john mayer and taylor swift. love this one.

5. "poison and wine" by the civil wars. this song continues to follow me and get to me.

6. "king of anything" by sara bareilles. "who cares if you disagree? you are not me. who made you king of anything? so you dare tell me who to be. who died and made you king of anything? let me hold your crown." kind of my anthem for the past year or so.

7. "edge of desire" by john mayer. there is always one slow song on all of mayer's albums that really hits me. this is definitely one of them, along with "slow dancing in a burning room" and "come back to bed."

8. "let it ride" by ryan adams. the beach anthem this year! a favorite of my dad's. a favorite of mine as well.

9. "fearless" by taylor swift. this one reminds me of a special car ride i took with mom and dad earlier in the year.

10. "hey, soul sister" by train. "so gangster. i'm so thug." crazy lyrics. catchy tune. and it's everywhere!

11. "lucky" by jason mraz and colbie caillat. "lucky i'm in love with my best friend" :)

12. "ragoo" by kings of leon. an older song but new to me this year.

13. "kiss me when you come home" by hanson. this song reminds me of my and bo's trip to cincinnati and the car dancing and singing.

14. "up all night" by the counting crows. one of my all-time favorite songs of theirs, and i got to hear it at the concert in july with bruder.

15. "a little less sixteen candles.." by fall out boy. another new discovery this year band-wise.

16. "mayfield" by augustana.

17. "funny the way it is" by the dave matthews band. off of the album "big whiskey and the groogrux king." the best album by dmb, according to my brother and me, in a while.

18. "perfectly lonely" by john mayer. this song reminds me of the mayer concert this year, with my dad, bruder and katie.

19. "waiting for this" by hanson. their new album, released in june this year, is probably my favorite album of theirs. ever.

20. "catch my disease" by ben lee. i heard this a lot at the end of pump class at the gym this year. always makes me dance.

21. "i'm yours" by jason mraz. dad's song of the year and a favorite of mine.

22. "fans" by kings of leon. again, an older song of theirs, but a new one for me in 2010.
23. "misery" by maroon 5.

24. "question" by the old 97s. a new band for me this year as well, care of bo. "he took her by the hand. walked her back home. they took the long way."

25. "breathe" by taylor swift. beautiful song. also reminds me of that certain car ride with mom and dad in the spring.

26. "closer to the edge" by 30 seconds to mars. "i will never forget. i will never regret. i will live my life."

27. "you're the reason i come home" by ron pope. i first heard this song on "so you think you can dance" and downloaded the album on itunes. good stuff. good new stuff.

28. "if it's love" by train. i love train and have for many years.

29. "she's my winona" by fall out boy.

30. "hanging around" by the counting crows. also played during july's concert.

31. "i still ain't over you" by augustana. yep. definitely my top favorite band this year.

32. "a beautiful mess" by jason mraz. a beautiful mess. a beautiful song.

33. "tiny light" by grace potter and the nocturnals. yet another new discovery in 2010. "i see a tiny light, like a flashbulb sparkle in the night."

34. "'til summer comes around" by keith urban.

the next four songs are all bo-and-jennifer-dancing-in-the-car-acting-like-big-goofs songs.

35. "in the ayer" by flo rida.

36. "dynamite" by taio cruz.

37. "nothing on you" by b.o.b. he's like the hugh jackman of music.

38. "just the way you are" by bruno mars. my personal favorite car dancing song. there's choreography. seriously.

39. "need you now" by lady antebellum.

40. "apologies" by grace potter and the nocturnals.

41. "twenty dollar nose bleed" by fall out boy.

42. "a real fine place to start" by sara evans. i always thought the part that goes, "shooting down lights" was.. well.. neat.

43. "shelter" by ray lamontagne.

44. "dance all night" by ryan adams. very catchy. i think i've listened to this song about 800 times this year.

45. "glitter in the air" by pink. "have you ever wished for an endless night? lassoed the moon and the stars and pulled that rope tight."

46. "jars" by chevelle. yep. also another new band o' 2010.

47. "kings and queens" by 30 seconds to mars. my second new favorite band of the year. "these lessons that we've learned here have only just begun."

48. "i never told you" by colbie caillat. beautiful, beautiful song.

49. "3x5" by john mayer. definitely not a new song, but after hearing it recently, i got on a "3x5" kick. one of my and dad's favorite mayer songs. plus, it's a "fall song" to me.

50. "thinking 'bout something" by hanson. the first single off their new album "shout in out" this year, and a favorite of mom's, dad's and mine.

stay tuned..

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