Friday, December 31, 2010

our lives are made in these small hours.

the firsts for week 19? my first time making peanut butter fudge and first attempt at a zumba class which turned out to be a lot o' fun.
the firsts for this week, week 20? my first try at stenciling. on a wall in my room. and my first craft failure. i've covered the stencil-age up now with 20 different squares of colored paper and a quote that reads, "a sea of flowers won't bloom without the rain." i feel like 2011 will be full of crafts.

here's the second half of my 100 favorite songs of the year. i wanted to post it before the end of the year, so i guess it's now or never :)

51. “Airplanes” B.o.B. and Hayley Williams (It's just a catchy song)
52. “Two” Ryan Adams (One of those songs i literally couldn't stop listening to)
53. “White Horse” Taylor Swift
54. “Brick By Brick” Train
55. “Marry Me” Train (Beautiful one)
56. “Liar (It Takes One to Know One)” Taking Back Sunday (Another new band for me this year)
57. “Summer, Man” Taking Back Sunday
58. “I’m Amazed” My Morning Jacket
59. "Radioactive" (So happy for new Kings of Leon)
60. “Pyro” Kings of Leon
61. "Gravity" John Mayer (A favorite of mom's)

62. "Three” Britney Spears (Don't laugh. I heard it a lot this year at the gym)
63. "Back Down South” Kings of Leon (Love this one)
64. “Mockingbird” Rob Thomas

65. "Ever the Same” Rob Thomas (A favorite of dad's)

66. "Anna Begins” Counting Crows (My all-time favorite of theirs. Oddly enough, I heard it today, and I have a feeling it will be a part of my life for many years to come)

67. "Heartbreak Warfare” John Mayer (Reminds me of the concert earlier this year)

68. “Say Hey (I Love You)” Michael Franti (The opening act at the Mayer concert. Interesting fella)

69. “Dogs Day are Over” Florence and the Machine (Thanks to the previews of "Eat, Pray, Love," I found this song)

70. "Oh!" Eric Hutchinson

71. "I Could Not Ask for More” Edwin McCain

72. "Please Don’t Leave Me” Pink (Another find thanks to our gym classes)

73. “Little Wonders” Rob Thomas ("Let it slide. Let your troubles fall behind you. Let it shine until you feel it all around you")

74. "Who Knew” Pink

75. "High Life” Counting Crows ("A sea of flowers won't bloom without the rain")

76. "Haven’t Met You Yet” Michael Buble (This song always makes me smile)

77. "Gonna Get Over You” Sara Bareilles (Her newest album is.. well.. amazing. Beautiful lyrics, too)

78. “The Light” Sara Bareilles

79. "Basket Case” Sara Bareilles (My favorite off the new album)

80. “Not Alone” Sara Bareilles

81. “Breathe Again” Sara Bareilles

82. “3 AM” Matchbox 20 (Reminds me of watching Soundstage with the family)

83. “Real World” Matchbox 20 (Heard a very neat version of this during the Soundstage special)

84. "Last Christmas" Glee

85. "We Three Kings” (My favorite Christmas song)

86. “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”

87. “The Trouble With Love Is” Kelly Clarkson

88. “Raise Your Glass” Pink ("Don't be fancy, just get dancey." Classic)

89. "Marry You” Bruno Mars (Also featured on Glee one week)

90. "Unwell” Matchbox 20

91. "If You’re Gone” Matchbox 20 (My all-time favorite of theirs)

92. “St. Patrick’s Day” John Mayer (Even more beautiful to listen to when it's cold outside)

93. “Stuck Like Glue” Sugarland

94. “Seasons of Love” Rent (Loved watching it again during the holidays)

95. "Another Day" Rent ("Forget regret or life is yours to miss")

96. “Out Tonight” Rent

97. “I Should Tell You” Rent

98. “All I Want for Christmas is You “Mariah Carey (Dad and I worked out a little choreography for this one while getting things ready for Christmas)

99. "Shake it Up" Train (A fun little Christmas song)

100. “The Difference” Matchbox 20 ("Feel the sun warming up your second-hand heart")

and, finally, i've been thinking about resolutions lately. i have a bucket list i've started, and i'm always eager to check things off that list. but resolutions are a little different. so far, this is what i've got.. run at least three times a week, drink more water (ha.. this one never lasts), do more crafts (i swear.. it's on the list), volunteer (starting in february with the alzheimer's association. so excited for that), read a new book every month, try to make at least one new recipe a month, and begin reading the bible regularly.

get a tattoo, make my own pie crust, make a mosaic, finish writing my book. these are a few things i picked off my bucket list that i'd like to do in and throughout 2011.

"I rang in the New Year, 2010, without you for the second year in a row, surrounded by mostly strangers and no one to kiss at midnight. With my friend Melissa beside me, I clinked glasses once the ball had dropped and we blew our noisemakers and exclaimed, “Happy New Year!” along with the rest of the crowd. The new year I was waiting for was finally here, just like that, and for the first time in my life, I could actually feel a new start beginning.."

i wrote that at the beginning of 2010, and at that point, i was more than ready to put 2009 behind me and start anew. something told me it would be different, it would be better, but i never imagined 2010 would be so full. 2010 was a new beginning, a year for trying new things, meeting new people, building upon the relationships i've had for years and putting the pieces of me back together again; 2011, is a time to breathe into it all, letting the peace and fullness i feel at the end of this year carry me through the next ("let it shine until you feel it all around you").

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