Sunday, September 26, 2010

in the middle of it all.

week six. part two.

i took my first cycling class at the gym tuesday evening with mel. though i love our usual classes - step and pump - cycling was a fun change. i also like the fact that they turn off the lights during the cycling classes. that way, you can cycle like an idiot without anyone seeing. we were encouraged at one point during the class to close our eyes. i guess the point was to get you focused. after the instructor assured us we would not fall off our bikes, i closed my eyes and kept cycling. kind of a neat experience. on another note, i'd like to get back into yoga and pilates.

wednesday evening, i cooked for my family and bo. fixing dinner on wednesdays has become a new tradition. this week? my first attempt at a baked enchilada casserole. it seemed to be a hit. soon, it will be time for pumpkin pies and christmas cookies. okay, getting a little ahead of myself on that one, but i love christmas. and fall. over the past few years, fall has become my favorite season. perfect for cooking and baking. also, my cardigans are justified in the fall. it's a season of warmth.

my mom, my dad, bo and i took part in the memory walk for the alzheimer's association this saturday. this was not my first time walking in the memory walk, but it's special event for my family and me, and i wanted to mention it. our first walk was last october, and it's something we hope to do every year, raising money and awareness for the association and a very special cause.

i am forever surrounded by love and laughter.

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