Saturday, September 18, 2010

leap and the net will appear.

before i turned 26 in august this year, i told myself that 26 would be the year for firsts. i made a deal with myself that each week, i would try something new, something for the first time.. whether it be a new recipe, a new food, a new experience, a new band/album..

while i took a little break from the blogging there for a while, i think it's time to start writing here again. and the "firsts of my 26th year" seems to be, to me at least, a theme worth writing about.

week one: my first time making a carrot pineapple cake for my parent's 30th wedding anniversary. baking is not a new thing for me. i love doing it. this cake, however, was definitely a first. a yummy first. it's basically a carrot cake (one of my favorites) with a twist.. pineapples and pineapple juice.

week two: my first trip to cincinnati with bo. my first major league baseball games (so much fun. i love baseball). my first cincinnati reds hat and t-shirt. and my first trip to white castle for mini burgers. all very special firsts.

week three: the first? a trip to paint bank, virginia with bo (doesn't saying "paint bank" make you smile?) where i had my first buffalo burger and then saw my first live buffalo. afterward, another first.. my first time shooting a gun and wearing camo. scary in the beginning but then, just a lot of fun.

week four: this week, i was given my first virginia tech t-shirt from bo. don't worry. i cheer equally for uva and tech. this was also the week i got my grad school application finished and sent in. another first. so excited to be going back to school. a new recipe i tried out this week? garlic basil shrimp pasta. delightful. and, finally, the last first of the week.. my first virginia tech football game in blacksburg with bo. it rained. it rained a lot. but, still, a great, great afternoon.

week five: another new recipe and first.. penne with shrimp and sun-dried tomato pesto for bo and my family. friday night was ladies night at glazed bisque-it, where melissa and i tried a new technique, another first, for painting our pottery. one word.. tape. the picture below is the only picture i can post right now, because our pottery pieces are surprises this go 'round. the rest will be up later on facebook.

and here we are. at the end of week five.

at the risk of sounding cheesy and mushy, there is one first this year that stands out the most. my first boyfriend is now, almost ten years later, my boyfriend again. another very special first in this year filled with new beginnings.

it's not about who i was anymore, or why i am the way i am now because of my past. from now on, it's about the here and now, the firsts and the new, and all that is to come.

"accept the life that is waiting for you.."

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