Sunday, June 20, 2010

i don't mind the dark, discovering the day, because the night is a beautiful bright blue and grey.

i can't think of anything to write. okay. that's a lie. i can't think of anything i want to share at this particular point in time. not anything noteworthy, that is. but i do feel like writing. so, maybe i'll share some not-so-noteworthy things with you all and take it from there.
i sleep curled up in the fetal position.
i like big bowls of cereal at night.
i go back and forth about everything. literally. everything
wearing my stethoscope around my neck makes me feel semi-important.
i should not be allowed to shop online. it's too easy to fill that shopping cart.
when i was looking for a "father's day" card the other day for my dad, i almost bought and left the store with a "happy birthday, dad" card instead. senior moment of the week.
i find a new celebrity at the gym every time i go. wanda sykes, that heidi girl from "the hills," angelina jolie, and what's-his-face from "twilight."
i don't need a rescue.
i've never, ever been good at math. in math class senior year, we were supposed to show our work on each test. i had no idea how to even begin solving any of the problems. so, for each question, i would just write down a random number as my answer. i did really well in that class.
i turn into a huge smartass when i'm mad.
having people read and enjoy reading my writing means so much. seriously.
i love roller coasters. i have a craving for kings dominion right now.
just found out the counting crows are touring this summer. so excited to see them with my brother in july.
painting pottery has quickly become the "new hobby of the year" for the girls and me.

the end.

[add something to the list. it'll be fun]

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