Thursday, June 3, 2010

get right to the heart of matters.

thursday reflections. sharing 10 thoughts of the week.

1. ever think about what you would do if you didn't work where you work now? i think i'd do something related to writing. or photography. or baking.
2. itunes and i are a dangerous combination. seriously. i'm going to go broke thanks to new music.
3. i was throwing away some trash in a trashcan outside a gas station this week, and the trashcan read, "do not litter." does that seem unnecessary to anyone else but me?

4. i heard this song called "you're the reason i come home" by ron pope on "so you think you can dance" last night. beautiful song. no idea who this singer is, but i already like him. also have been listening to 30 seconds to mars a lot lately and love these songs in particular - "kings and queens" and "closer to the edge." go listen to them on youtube. now.
5. favorite picture finds from this week.

6. "these lessons that we've learned here have only just begun."

7. so excited "so you think you can dance" is back. such amazing, moving dancers.


8. lots of afternoon falling rain this week. i love it.

9. in the mood to bake.

10. beaches. birthdays. fireflies. thunderstorms. ice cream. summertime.


  1. lovely songs...
    I like #7-#10...

  2. in the mood to bake? really??? well then where's my cake ms betty crocker?


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