Monday, June 4, 2012

where music rests.

I can’t remember a time when there wasn’t music in our house, when music wasn’t in my life. Whether it was new cds being shared with my mom, dad and brother, or my dad and brother playing guitar, music has almost always filled our home and hearts. One of my favorite memories… the four of us sitting around, listening to the sounds of guitars being played.

My family. That’s how I grew to know and love music.

It’s been a constant friend of mine for nearly 28 years now. A driving companion, a nighttime lullaby, a quick and dependable pick-me-up, a reassuring and understanding ally, a hopeful whisper, and a lyrical connection to everything that means, and has meant, the most to me in life.

Listening to.. "Answering Bell" by Ryan Adams (with a little help from Adam Duritz).

To me, music has always been a feeling, something to be heard, not just listened to, and felt within. I guess it all comes from my strong ties to it from the time I was very young until now. Just like my family, it has forever been by my side, it has forever been a part of me.

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