Friday, June 1, 2012

the music begins to play.

So, I’ve decided the theme for June is music (I also decided it will probably be August before I tackle my closet)… the music that has made me happy for years, and finding new music that, more than likely, will lead to even more happiness.

Currently listening to… Taylor Swift’s “Eyes Open.” Headphones on.

Music has always played a big part in my life. And it all began about 27 3/4 years ago, thanks to a very musical family. Oldies were always on the radio in our minivan, and songs like “You Can’t Hurry Love” and “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” still move me (literally, gotsta dance) to this day. Other family favorites included Dwight Yoakam, Ricky Nelson (there’s an old home movie of my brother and me performing “It’s Late” in the basement… singing into microphones and my brother playing the guitar), Rodney Crowell and the Eagles (I’ve always loved “New Kid in Town” the most), and I don’t think there has been a beach trip yet that hasn’t been filled with their songs... with my dad singing and my mom humming along, and my brother's foot tapping right alongside mine. We’ve never been a big “sports family” or “outdoorsy family,” but we have always been a family of music and concerts. And over the years, the oldies have been joined by… John Mayer, Counting Crows, Hanson, Ryan Adams, Rob Thomas, even NSYNC for a brief time about 14 years ago (and, yes, I can still do the Bye Bye Bye dance). We’ve shared concerts together, cds (listening to them loudly in the kitchen or the car, complete with feet-tapping), concert specials on tv, and that very special sound of guitars in the basement rising up.

Currently listening to… the Eagles, “New Kid in Town.” Headphones still on.

Not entirely sure where the month of May went, but here we are in June, and I’m excited to start a new theme… especially one that involves music (and lots of it). Old music, current music, and music I hope to find soon. Music in itself is a very special, very specific, kind of happiness to me, and I’m looking forward to writing about it.

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