Thursday, January 5, 2012

before we begin again.

except for a wonderful break at christmastime, and the days and nights spent with the people i love most, the past five or six months seem to have been stuck on fast forward. at the end of every week, i find myself wondering, "is it really friday already?" again and again. needless to say, the time off around christmas was a true blessing for many reasons. it was nice to spend the time how i wanted. it was nice to sleep and read and cook and lie on the couch. it was nice to not have anything to turn in or study. and it was especially nice to be surrounded by the love and laughter of my family.

the new year began and it came flying in. the late days of december were a breather, i suppose, before january pushed its way to the forefront. and here it is. another year. and the fast forward button seems to have been pressed again.

one of my favorite lyrics says, there is no reason we should be standing still. and i agree with it. i think we should fill our days and hearts with all the love and laughter and life that we can. i think there is always something more we can do, try, make better. i think there is enough time in each day to do, and i think we have room for it all. i think sometimes, though, the rush takes over what matters most.

the more i kept having those "is it really friday already?" moments, and the more my days seemed to hold, the more i kept going, the more i wanted to do.

until i stopped. until there was a break. until there was time away from the rush.

only then did i realize how much i wanted and needed the breather, and the time to spend filling my days and my heart with the love and laughter and lives that matter most.

at the end of every day, and at the end of yet another year,

we can all use a december breather before we begin again.

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