Monday, October 3, 2011

eyes ahead.

i was on facebook tonight and came across something that really got to me. it was about you, my friend.. who i know is still reading every word. someone had left a message about you for your sister and it said.. he lived a good life with no troubles and followed the word of God. maybe his loss was a way to help you seek God and live a good life. from what i can tell, it seems your sister has been struggling with the same question i often ask myself.. why? why bring someone into the lives of others, and have that person affect them so strongly, weaving memories and moments into their everyday, just to have them taken away so very quickly? finally, though, as i read the message above, it all started to make a bit of sense to me. and, instead of looking for the why, i'm beginning to understand to search for the how.. remembering how my friend influenced the then.. and knowing how to live the now (just as he did), through faith and focus on the good life God has given me.

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