Thursday, August 4, 2011

all this sunlight feels warm on my face today.

it has been a very full summer, july especially. filled with work, school, projects, crafts and time spent with my family and friends. every day has involed something productive, something special. the main project? a room makeover (pictures on website below), with lots of help from my loved ones. i have loved spending the summer like this, with those closest to me closest to me, doing things together and making the absolute most of the time we have been given. it's not that, because of what happened a few months ago, i set out to live every day to the fullest. instead, it's almost as if it's all happening automatically now, something inside pushing the outside into meaningful, purposeful motion. so, i think from here on out, this blog will be about all that is being done, here and now. the projects, the crafts, the baking. and the memories being made with my family and friends along the way.

the room, what was done..

~ painted the walls.. a robin's egg blue.. *painted with care* :)

~ painted wooden 4x6 picture frames with blue and white paint for bookcase

~ added blue and white vases and flowers to the bookcase, along with floral-print boxes

~ used pink butterfly and blue damask scrapbook paper to fill white wall frames and frame boxes, hung small white shelves under the frames

~ replaced the frames on nightstand with one white decorative frame and small glass jar that i filled with dried blue and green hydrangeas

~ filled the nine-spot white wall frame with my favorite quotes, lyrics and bible verses, hung frame boxes on either side and shelves underneath and placed small glass jars, of different sizes and shapes, filled with dried hydrangeas, all around

*all shelves, frames and frame boxes hung with care* :)

~ replaced my old tv stand/"dresser" with a new expresso-colored dressed, *put together with care* :)

~ painted four wooden 4x6 picture frames with white paint, printed my favorite lyric (a sea of flowers won't boom without the rain) and placed in frames. then, after hanging on wall, placed a white satin ribbon behind the frames

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