Friday, December 2, 2011

a heart that holds.

amazing what a heart can endure, hold, make room for. amazing what you can find if you listen there. that unmistakable flutter, pitter-patter, that lets you know something is on its way out (but never gone), something is finding its way in, something is building, something is beginning - even if you aren't quite sure what it is.

think about it - all that you have in your heart. i like to think of the heart as having different compartments for different memories and moments, and you choose (or at least you think you choose) how much space each memory and each moment gets. instead of letting go, the heart says, "i've got this," and finds the right spot for every last thing, gently putting the past in its place. your heart can't and won't let it go, but you begin to realize that is not such a bad thing. because other things are taking over, have found their place within. it's almost as if the heart contracts when it comes to the bad, takes a breather and collects itself, then expands shortly after (pushing the bad to faraway corners) to make room for the good. it finds ways to protect, it finds ways to remind. but no matter what's inside, i've found that there is room for all of it. i know this now.

your heart makes more and more room for the good. it says, "hey, i could get used to this," and it does. and soon, you hardly think of those faraway corners, though always with you. your heart continues to let in.. but never lets go. i've watched it happen. i've felt it happen. and i look forward to all a heart can hold.

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