Wednesday, May 23, 2012

small smiles.

With a little help from the month of May, I decided to start yet another ongoing project (I hope I keep up with all of this…) Anyhow. I heard one of my professors say a while back that it might be a good idea to keep a list of the funny, or sweet, things that kids say. That way, on those not-so-good teaching days, you have something to make you laugh and smile and remind yourself why you are a teacher. I started my list (see below) and also found a box in which to put special memories from students. For instance, I have all the Valentine’s I received from my preschoolers this year, along with some of their very creative drawings. The plan is to print out my "kids saying" list, cut out the individual sayings and place them in the box as well… to be added to for years to come.
Some of my favorites…
If you eat 100 hot dogs in one day, you become a hot dog. If you eat a bird, you can fly.
You can come to my birthday party and God and the tooth fairy can come too.
I went to Pump it Up for my birthday – kid one. I went to Japan – kid two.
The devil is in my heart, and he makes me do bad things. Jesus is in there too, but the devil always wins.
You can have a play-date at my house, and we’ll play cars and watch V for Vendetta (a five-year old).
How’s your new baby sister? – me. She’s bad. She lets food come right back out of her mouth.
 “This is how we do it!” – singing Montell Jordan
Laughter. Smiles. And happiness. All from a small, yet very meaningful, little project, and all from small, yet very special, little people.

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