Wednesday, April 11, 2012

fresh air.

april is the month for healthier living. and, along with eating better and drinking more water, i've also been exercising more. while it's usually walking or different cardio work-outs, monday's exercise was a little different. monday, i helped my family mulch our yard. pitch forks and gloves and a beautiful day to spend the day outside. i try to include a little walking in my regular exercise routines, because getting outside just feels good. i've also read that outdoor time actually enhances the effects of exercise and increases vitality. self-esteem and mood are also lifted when outdoor activities are involved. being outside all day monday felt just as great, and because we were working and having a good time, it didn't feel like exercise, even though it was definitely a good work-out. plus, we were working toward something - finishing mulching the yard - and it felt good to have that goal in mind and in sight.
a lovely spring day outside, laughter and a work-out all in one. another step in the direction of extended happiness.

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